The primary mission of the organization is to reduce the number of animals surrendered to animal shelters due to financial distress.

Without our assistance many animals are surrendered to local shelters and city pounds, where a majority are not re-adopted and end up euthanized or abandoned by their families thereby becoming homeless.

We focus on helping animals in need by assisting their families when they are in financial distress by providing food for animals who’s families can’t provide it on their own.

Food Assistance
We provide food for animals who’s families can’t provide it on their own.

Disaster Relief
Our disaster relief program provides not only food, but other needed pet
supplies by partnering with disaster relief agencies throughout the North
Texas area.

Responsible Pet Care Education
Our responsible pet care education program provides information on how to
responsibly care for your pet.

Please help us continue our valuable work in the community by donating today. Your donation will allow us to assist even more families keep their pet, a valued and loved family member, in their home and fed. Your support saves lives! Donate today!

We are an IRS designated 501(c)3 charity EIN 45-2385681. Your donations may be tax-deductible.